I just love a lake where there is a bridge over it, especially when there are ducks and swans swimming! 

London, April 2009

Photos taken by Dina

Hello, today I am sharing some photos from my visit to Illinois, USA.

From Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, and other places in Schaumburg

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Photos taken by Dina: 2008, August


Royal Artillery Memorial and Wellington Arch Hyde Park Corner

Photos Taken by Dina: April 2009


Photos Taken by Dina: April 2009

Different sites in London,  Green Park and the Buckingham Palace.

Photos Taken by Dina: April 2009

Welcome to London…

All my life I did not think that one day I would go to the capital of the United Kingdom! But sometimes things happened in such a sudden simple way!

Even I went there in April with my Husband, It was kind of chilly, but it is worth it…

We were happy to visit this city

Now I will leave you with some photos from various locations in London.

Photos Taken by Dina, April 2009 

Jordanian ancient city of Petra The Rose city

 Photos taken by Dina: April 2009

El Yunque National Rain Forest Puerto Rico

Photos Taken by Dina: January, 2009

We will still student and will still trying in this life to be better persons…